25+ Benefits of Trees

The Importance of Trees

25+ Benefits of Trees
25+ Benefits of Trees

Trees are an important part of our life. They keep our Earth alive. Their benefits and richness as a natural resource are extraordinary. Unfortunately, we are consuming trees in increasing hunger.

Trees clean our air and give oxygen, prevent water pollution, save water, give food and wood, help us to heal our illness, etc. And, they are also the most important key element of the forests. All together, they are more powerful.

The most important benefits of trees

  • Produce oxygen: One acre of adult trees can supply 18 people’s annual oxygen needs.
  • Cool the city: We all want to get rid of the negative effect of the heat of summer. The shade of trees is perfect for this. And, where the trees are denser the city is cooler.
  • Save water: Trees absorb water and leave it to the atmosphere to support the water cycle. And, they act as a cover when the leaves fall to the soil to keep moisture.
  • Prevent water pollution: They improve water quality by filtering the particulate matter. Therefore, planting trees and creating forests in the reservoirs of dam lakes are of great importance.
  • Combat with Global Warming: They absorb carbon dioxide from the air. This is the cheapest method of combating with global warming.
  • Reduce flood risk: In general, floods can occur after extreme rainfall. Here, trees and other plant species are important factors in absorbing rain.
  • They help prevent soil and wind erosion: The roots and body of the trees are able to keep the soil. They are very important against erosion.
  • Protect people: Trees hold the harmful rays of the sun and do not penetrate the underside. Children benefit most from this act.
  • They provide food: They provide food to us but also to birds and other wildlife members.
  • Clean the air: They absorb odor, polluted and toxic gases, filter and retain particulate matter from the polluted air.
  • Heal people: If there is a tree in front of the patients’ windows, they feel better and this tree helps during the healing time.
  • They are medicine: In the pharmaceutical industry, the products of trees (leaves, flowers, etc.) are very useful.
  • Decrease violence: Can trees reduce aggression, violence, and crime? Numerous studies say “Yes! Regardless of socioeconomic factors, there is a strong correlation between high tree shade levels and low crime levels.
  • They show seasons: Flowers and leaves of the trees give us information about seasons.
  • High economic income: Trees can be used for timber, furniture and, sure for their fruits.
  • They carry knowledge: Trees are wise beings and children can learn a lot from them by seeing and practicing, and they are a good playhouse for our children.
  • Future of societies: If societies want to survive and build a life that lasts for hundreds of years, trees must be in the base.
  • They make employees happy: Office workers continue to work happily, stress-free and satisfied when they see trees in front of their windows.
  • Humidifies the air: They give the water of the soil into the air in the form of moisture.
  • They save energy: Trees around the houses help us save on ventilation, heating and therefore energy costs.
  • Increase property value: Buildings covered with trees have increasing values.
  • Helps traffic: According to the scientific studies, streets covered with trees are safer and there is a significant decrease in driving speeds.
  • They are sheltering: They are the perfect shelter for animals.
  • Carry sunlight to the forest: They create a chemical mist that distributes the direction of sunlight from the sun for the benefit of the forest.
  • Trees give us information: Tree rings allow us to learn the climate and give us information about the geography and living conditions of the tree.
  • They produce renewable energy: Trees can be used as renewable energy if they are managed in an environmentally, ecologically and sustainable manner.